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Are you looking to buy tickets to this year's Texas Grand Slam? You're in luck! Look below for all of our ticket options (and donation, if you're feeling it.)

To RSVP for your free Prelims & Semi's Tickets, select the Thursday and Friday Dates in the ticket app below. 
To Purchase your Final Stage tickets, select the Saturday date!

Super Early Bird Tickets for final stage are available until August 7th! Only $5! Limited Supply, order yours today. 

IMPORTANT: To have access to Final Stage, a Prelim or Semis ticket will not get you in. You must purchase a Final Stage Ticket and have proof of purchase to get into final stage.

Check out this year's schedule!

Last Chance Slam -

Venue TBA

7:00 PM

Preliminary and Semi-Final bouts -

The Palace 

Revolution Cafe and Bar

The Village

7:00 PM

Final Stage

Rudder Theatre

Doors: 7:00 PM

Start: 7:30 PM

Registration for Texas Grand Slam 2017 is now FULL. Click here to sign up for the waitlist, an opportunity to fill vacant spots and to qualify for the Last Chance Slam.

The Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival is a 3 day poetry feast featuring 42 poets with the gumption to compete for the Title: Texas Grand Slam Poetry Champion and a $1500 Grand Prize. 

TGS is the answer to those who are hungry, clutching at a Sunday morning back row pew of worry with prayers for poetry. We hope that the drought for a state-wide poetry slam has come to an end. We invite everyone to return and are proud to present to you the 7th Annual TEXAS GRAND SLAM POETRY FESTIVAL!

Texas Grand Slam is back for 2017, starting with the Last Chance Slam on october 12th, Prelims and Semis on october 13th, and Final Stage on October 14st.

Tickets on sale soon! Registration opens on July 15!





Last Chance Slam: TBD for 2017

Prelims and Semis: The Palace, Revolution Cafe and Bar, The Village

Final Stage: Rudder Theatre


Last Chance Slam: October 12th, 7:00pm

Prelims and Semis: October 13th, 7:00pm

Finals: October 14th, 7:00 PM


Want to compete in the largest annual slam poetry competition in Texas? Looking to spill your guts on the Grand Slam stage? Registration for TGS 2017 opens on JULY 15th. We will be working through PayPal, so the first 41 poets to pay Mic Check their registration fees will be competing this year.

In previous years, we have done 42 poets. Why 41 now? Well, Mic Check will be holding a Last Chance Slam on Thursday, October 12th. Winning that slam will grant you a paid registration fee with hotel room accommodations. 

This past year, we received a lot of feedback that not being able to check-in to the hotel room until 3PM and then going to poet check-in at 4 wasn't the best, so we're giving poets the option to come in a night early. That would mean you check-in to your hotel room Thursday, October 12th (just in time for the Last Chance Slam) and have all day Friday to prepare / relax / explore College Station and Bryan before Prelims and Semis. Unfortunately, we can't offer this for free, so if you're planning on coming a day early, also plan to pay an extra $60 to cover the room.

Registration pricing:

     $150 - Registration + no room accommodations

     $150 - Registration + 2 nights (rooming with 3 other poets)

     $200 - Registration + 2 nights (rooming with 1 poet)

     $250 - Registration + 2 nights (individual room)

Remember - if you're planning on staying the Thursday (October 12th) before TGS, plan to add $80 to each registration fee.

Want to know more about TGS? Check out the official rule page! and the Honor Code!

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Congratulations to our past winners,

2016 - Pages Matam

2015 - Sha'Condria "iCon" Sibley

2014 - Jeremyah "The Fluent One" Payne

2013 - Kevin Burke

2012 - Twain

2011 - Kevin Burke

Check out some of their stuff below!