Want to compete in the largest annual slam poetry competition in Texas? Looking to spill your guts on the Grand Slam stage? Registration for TGS 2018 opens on JULY 24th. We will be working through PayPal, so the first 42 poets to pay Mic Check their registration fees will be competing this year.

This past year, we received a lot of feedback that not being able to check-in to the hotel room until 3PM and then going to poet check-in at 4 wasn't the best, so we're giving poets the option to come in a night early. That would mean you check-in to your hotel room Thursday, October 18th and have all day Friday to prepare / relax / explore College Station and Bryan before Prelims and Semis. Unfortunately, we can't offer this for free, so if you're planning on coming a day early, plan to pay a little more!

Registration pricing:

  •      $180 - Registration + no room accommodations
  •      $180 - Registration + 2 nights (rooming with 3 other poets)
  •      $230 - Registration + 2 nights (rooming with 1 poet)
  •      $280 - Registration + 2 nights (individual room)
  •      $240 = Registration + 3 nights (rooming with 3  other poets)
  •      $300 - Registration + 3 nights (rooming with 1 poet)
  •      $350 - Registration + 3 nights (individual room)



Want to know more about TGS? Check out the official rule page! and the Honor Code!

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